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Debugging MEF

Finding the root cause of failed dependency tree construction

Andreas Schmitt

3 minutes read

If you have ever worked with a Dependency Injection container like MEF, you have probably run into the problem of types not being resolved correctly. Since MEF works mainly by attributes, typically the Export attribute on the class declaration, all it takes is a missing attribute for some type to go missing during bootstrapping.

Project Montreal - Part 5

UniTask and UniRx

Andreas Schmitt

1 minute read

In this episode I show off several hex grid algorithms I added to the game, which will be very useful for all kinds of things in the gameplay future. I also talk a bit about the transition to the UniTask and UniRx libraries for my async and event aggregation needs.

Project Montreal - Part 4

Interface Dependencies and Async Operations

Andreas Schmitt

1 minute read

In this episode I show how to keep your component dependencies based on interfaces while still serializing them. I also talk a bit about asynchronous operations and how to write custom awaiters.

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