A blog about my adventures in the .NET/C# world and the Unity Engine.

Welcome to my website. My name is Andreas Schmitt and I am a Software Engineer and Game Developer from Germany. I spent years working in Software Engineering, specializing in the .NET world, both in the back-end and front-end. I also spent a couple of years in the Gaming Industry at a Development Studio in Austria. My jobs have taken me from Northern Germany all the way to Vienna and back to my the city of my Alma Mater. Now I am starting a new phase in my career as a Freelance Software Engineer and Independent Game Developer, leaning new technologies and expanding my knowledge in many areas, including the Unity Engine.

Software Development, especially Unity and the .NET world, has never been more exciting. There are new developments and advancements every day and developers have never had so many fantastic APIs, frameworks and tools available. And I cannot wait to put them to good use.

As far as my previous experience goes: I have spend five years in the German Air Force as an officer, before I studied Computer Science. This experience was invaluable, as I learned several skills that are useful managing any kind of project and any kind of team. I am a Sci Fi nerd, so it is not surprising that I spend the final years of my time at the university working in the indie gaming industry as the lead programmer and co-producer of the Wing Commander Saga project. I joined the project’s founder Anton Romanyuk in 2006 and helped to make sure the game made its way out of our dreams and into reality.

Like every software project it evolved through a host of iterations, with sometimes frustrating twists and turns and several brick walls. It was both a satisfying and humbling experience, and I think it made me a better developer, a better project manager and a better person. And of course it gave me a whole new understanding on both the complexity and the excitement of game development.

When I am not developing software you can probably find me streaming some TV show, either current or old (going all the way back to the 70s.. MASH or Six Million Dollar Man anyone?), or playing some stategy or story driven role playing game on my private YouTube channel. And if you look at my shelf you will probably find more than one book about military history.

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My name is Andreas Schmitt. I am a Software Engineer and Indie Game Developer from Germany