A blog about my adventures in the .NET/C# world and the Unity Engine.

Andreas Schmitt

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Hi there! I am a Software Engineer and Game Developer from Germany, with over a decade of experience in the .NET world and I have recently started to strongly focus on Unity.

I have worked on a very wide range of projects both in back-end and and front-end. In 2012 I was involved in the successful release of the free indie game Wing Commander Saga and recently I have decided to start another game project on my own and contribute to the Unity asset store. You can find my first little project, a quaternion based PID controller here.

This is my personal blog and here you will find more information about the work I do, projects I work on, development tips and tricks and random bits of rambling about the digital world we live in. And of course I’m always looking for ways to improve, so if you have more experience in a certain field and feel I could approach a problem in a different and more efficient way, always feel free to contact me in a comment or email.

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My name is Andreas Schmitt. I am a Software Engineer and Indie Game Developer from Germany